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Siemens Simatic Pc

SIENSIE is a technical assistance specialized in Siemens Simatic PC repair. The company provides corrective and preventive maintenance on the following Simatic PCs products:

  • Touch screen replacement.
  • Display and membrane keyboard replacement.
  • Broken carcasses replacement.
  • Repair of communication doors.
  • Repair in processing unit.
  • Repair of circuits and power supplies.

All repairs are performed with original parts and according to Siemens standards. After repair, the equipment is subjected to rigorous jiga quality tests, simulators and/or dynamometers, that simulates equipment workload in a machine, ensuring a high-quality test.

SIENSIE offers a 12-month warranty on corrective and preventive maintenance services for Siemens automation equipment.

SIMATIC PC featured product family:

  • SIMATIC Rack PCs
    • IPC347E
    • IPC547G
    • IPC647D
    • IPC847D
  • SIMATIC Panel PCs
    • IPC377E
    • IPC277E
    • IPC477E
    • IPC677D
    • IPC327E
    • IPC227E
    • IPC427E
    • IPC627D
    • IPC827D

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