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Lenze i700
Lenze 9300

First and foremost, SIENSIE is a specialized technical support service for LENZE industrial automation products. We provide repair services, including both corrective and preventive maintenance, for the entire range of Lenze industrial automation products, which encompasses:

Frequency Inverts, Servo Drives, and Servo Motors.

All repairs adhere to Lenze’s stringent criteria and standards and use genuine replacement parts. In summary, the repair process for industrial automation equipment includes rigorous quality testing on specialized fixtures, as well as simulations and/or dynamometer testing to replicate the equipment’s real-world operational conditions. Consequently, we guarantee and certify the repair of Lenze industrial automation equipment.

As part of our commitment, SIENSIE offers a 12-month warranty on both corrective and preventive maintenance services for industrial automation equipment.

Leze 8200 motec
  • SMD inverter.
  • 8200 drive.
  • 9300 drive.
  • SMV IP31.
  • i510 inverter.
  • i550 inverter.
  • 8400 inverter.
  • i700 servo.
  • i950 servo.
  • 9400 servo.

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